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Jailbreak - Server Rules & Guidelines [MUST READ]
Rules are up-to-date as of 30/07/2017

Omega Servers Jailbreak Rules & Guidelines
You’re required to read the following rules below.
This is your ONLY warning.

General Rules (Jailbreak)
1. Do not use any hacks, scripts, bugs or any other exploits. This will result in a Permanent Ban.
2. Do not discriminate, abuse or harass any other players based on gender, race, sexual preference, religion or country. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
3. Do not impersonate staff, or any other members of the community.
4. Do not flame, minge or troll.
5. Follow all Staff member directions. All rulings are final. Do not argue.
6. All reports to Staff must use @ chat with a reason stating why you require the staff member.
7. All names must be legible. Any names which containing of purely symbols will be asked to be changed.
8. Swearing is fine as long as it's within reason and not excessive.
9. Do not mic spam or flood the chat.
10. Do not advertise other games, servers or services.
11. All sprays must be appropriate for ages, genders, races etc.
12. The ratio for teams are (3:1) - 3 Prisoners for 1 Guard. Stacking the Guards will result in a slay & swap.
13. You must not reveal any map secrets or exploits.
Jail Guards (CT)
1. Freekilling or mass freekilling will not be tolerated. This includes free wounding. You will be CT banned. If you continue to do so, you will be banned from the server.
2. You must have a microphone and be willing to take Warden at some point.
3. You must be in visible sight of a Prisoner or they will be considered camping.
4. You must ensure a game isn't played again within 3 rounds.
5. A maximum of 10 Prisoners can be killed, except if the game isn't player controlled (i.e. Obstacle course).
6. You are allowed to make Prisoners freeze/face a certain direction for a maximum of 20 seconds for a gun check. Gun check may only be paused to move Prisoners away from smoke or if a weapon is found.
7. You may not use grenades unless Prisoners are rebelling.
8. You may not order Prisoners to crouch or walk to a destination.
9. You may not plant guns on Prisoners. 
10. You are allowed to kill any Prisoners who are in vents or the gun room without a warning. This is considered as an auto-rebel.
11. You can't break vents unless you are positive a Prisoner is on the other side.
12. You can't kill Prisoners in their cells unless they are AFK or hiding.
13. Team killing will result in a CT ban.
14. No baiting, this will result in a CT ban. This is where you deliberately get close to a Prisoner, baiting them into killing you.
15. If cells aren't opened before 5:00, this includes all cells. Two random Prisoners will be given heaps of health.
16. Prisoners may not be killed for possession of a weapon. They may only be killed if they are pointing or shooting at Guards. Otherwise clear warnings must be given to discard or empty out the weapon to a wall.
17. Prisoners may knife a Guard if the Guard is within a 5ft Radius. This doesn't not count as a rebel and Guards may not retaliate. However if a Prisoner is rushing at a Guard they may be killed.
18. Prisoners are free to have their knife out and use their flashlights during a gun check.

Prisoners (T)
1. Prisoners killed before the opening of cells are allowed to be respawned unless slain by a Staff member.
2. Prisoners may be given weapons if the round isn't progressing after 0:00. If the round doesn't progress, the Guards will be slain.
3. The final Prisoner must !LR within 15 seconds of the second last Prisoner dying. The only exemption is if they are new and don't know how to !LR. But let's be real, it's not rocket science.
4. Prisoners must not rebel with a !LR weapon or any weapons give by a Staff member.
5. Once a !LR has been initiated, the Prisoner must complete it. They must not rebel unless it's chosen in the LR menu.
6. Prisoners must have legitimate names, nothing which contains "All Ts or Prisoners" / "Go to the gun room or Rush the vents." - You will be asked to change it, then kicked if you haven't complied.
7. Prisoners may not camp inside vents or the gun room. Doing so will result in being slain.
8. You can not use a weapon from a freekiller or slain Guard.

Warden (CT)
1. All commands be clear and concise. 
2. You must be mature and responsible when being The Warden.
3. You must follow all Guard rules. You aren't exempt to any.
4. You must have a microphone and use it.
5. Failure to follow above will result in a CT ban.

Please note: Some rules may not be included, but use common sense. If it sound stupid, don't do it. Rules are also subject to change or be updated.

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