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Flood - Staff Abuse Report Template
Hi All,

We do our best to choose the correct people to fill the roles of Admin & Moderator, although there are times where some people slip through our better judgement and abuse the powers in which we trust them with..

If you'd like to report a staff member for abusing their powers, please create a thread below and follow this template.

Staff members name: <Either RP Name or Steam Name>

Staff members community link: <Please provide a steam community link, so we can assure it's a Staff member>

What did they do?: <Description of what happened, and what they did to abuse their power>

Evidence: <Provide either video or photo evidence>

Please Note: All reports will be taken seriously. Too avoid "He said - She Said" complications, evidence MUST be provided showing the abuse of power. If it is not provided, the report will be denied instantly.

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